This Collection contains book Chapters from Faculty of Agriculture

Recent Submissions

  • Retooling Smallholder Farming Systems for Climate Change Resilience Across Botswana Arid Zones 

    Batisani, Nnyaladzi; Pule-Meulenberg, Flora; Batlang, Utlwang; Matteoli, Federica; Tselaesele, Nelson (Springer, 2021)
    Background: Scientific progress and developments in technology have improved our understanding of climate change and its potential impacts on smallholder farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The persistence of such ...
  • Food and nutrition security and wildlife conservation: Case studies from Kenya. 

    Emongor, R.A.; Maina, F.W.; Nyongesa, D.; Ngoru, B.; Emongor, V.E. (Academic Press, 2020-01-01)
    Despite concerted efforts to improve food and nutrition security in many parts of the world, food and nutrition security still remains a challenge, especially in developing countries. In the face of the increasing human ...
  • Processing and Utilization of Dry Beans and Pulses in Africa. 

    Jackson, Jose; Kinabo, Joyce; Lekalake, Rosemary; Mogotsi, Kebadire (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2021-12-17)
    A wide range of dry beans and other pulses are produced and consumed in Africa. In most African countries pulses are referred to as “poor man's meat.” These legume crops are grown for subsistence and consumed by most ...
  • Woodland resources and management in southern Africa. 

    De Cauwer, Vera; Knox, Nichola; Kobue-Lekalake, Rosemary; Lepetu, Joyce; Matenanga, Ompelege; Naidoo, Sasha; Nott, Amber; Parduhn, David; Sichone, Priscilla; Tshwenyane, Seoleseng; Yeboah, Elizabeth; Revermann, Rasmus (Klaus Hess Publishers, 2018)
    The countries of southern Africa have an average forest cover of 32% with most forest situated in the tropics. These dry to moist forests are deciduous with a few evergreen species. The open canopy allows enough light to ...