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    • Carcass analysis and meat composition of the donkey 

      Aganga, A. A.; Aganga, A.O; Thema, F. T.; Obocheleng, K. O. (Asian Network for Scientific Information, 2003)
      The objective was to determine the meat yield, proximate and mineral composition in donkey carcasses, aged between 5-8 years. Proximate analysis of the minced carcass was done and reported as moisture, dry matter, crude ...
    • Feeding donkeys 

      Aganga, A. A.; Letso, M.; Aganga, A.O (Livestock Research for Rural Development, 2000)
      Feeding is an important aspect in the management of any farm animal. It requires knowledge of the feeding behaviour and nutrient requirements of animals for specific production functions, e.g. work. The objective when ...
    • Ostrich feeding and nutrition 

      Aganga, A. A.; Aganga, A.O; Omphile, U.J. (Asian Network for Scientific Information, 2003)
      Ostriches are monogastric herbivores. Palatability is crucial to stimulate feed ingestion by the birds. When formulating rations for ostriches, cotton seed cake, meal or seeds should not be used to avoid gossypol poisoning. ...